01 January 2010

"here comes that new day ..."

if you time it perfectly, all you have to do is go to sleep one night ... and when you wake up, it'll be next year. i didn't do that last night, but i'm comforted by the fact that it's possible.

i'd like to leave the country ... say, tomorrow. i've been researching some u.s. expat websites so that i can bug successful runaways about the how-to of this whole bit.. please tell me if you know of any.

this house smells like burnt things: popcorn, milk, plastic, toast. is that a sign that people live here?

i want to read everything terrance hayes has ever written.

i'm not prepared to simultaneously be a realistic person and a mother. the thought of my little girl being told "no" after tiptoeing up to some kid on the playground inquiring about whether or not her dress is pretty, makes me feel violent. nothing's fair, is it? humans suck. why'd i have to make one of my own?

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