02 January 2010

six random things

1. when the only males who come on to you are your middle school students, old guys in caribbean restaurants and men whose cars don't work, maybe you should consider relocating.

2. if i were on twitter, i would follow this guy.

3. i'm going to flush three ice cubes down the toilet right after typing this entry, in hopes that it will cause a snowstorm big enough to require school cancellations on monday. my goddaughter taught me this. my feet are already cold.

4. these are the books i'm reading (slowly but with the best of intentions) all at once: "eros the bittersweet" by anne carson, "uncommon grammar cloth" by cheryl pallant, "wind in a box" by terrance hayes," teaching english abroad" by susan griffith.

5. i just ordered a proof of my chapbook yesterday. did i say that in my blog from yesterday? damn, i might have to edit this.

6. everything i've ever felt about communication and its responsibilities is summed up in this poem.

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