12 April 2010

"failing better' update 04-12-10

there are too many literary journals in the world! can you say "overwhelming"??!!

everyone's coming back from the AWP Conference in denver. my facebook is rather flooded with status messages from people boasting the fatigue of having "done" the conference. i feel like such an outsider. dammit, i'm gonna be there in 2011!!

i just sent five of my poems to Innisfree Poetry Journal. i don't know how to feel about that submission, but it's just one of many. and that's not even a journal from my FAILBETTER list!

and speaking of ... CHECK OUT THAT LIST!!! it's dwindling down to nothing (yeah right)!

i'll be sending off my submission to the Barrow Street book contest tomorrow.

there's coffee in queue in the coffeemaker. the baby will have instant oatmeal, fruit and possibly a little cheese (if she wants it) for brekkie in the morning. but i'm NOT cleaning that kitchen tonight. i've decided i should learn to appreciate the banalities of life as something more closely resembling a normal person. i'll never get rid of them, after all, but my time draws near ... i'm going back into the circus tent with the rest of the artist-types. meanwhile, refusing to clean the kitchen at 2 am is no small act of rebellion. i'll take what i can get.

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