08 April 2010

"failing better" update 04-08-10

i haven't updated in a while, but i SWEAR i've been thinking about it!

i just found out today that i have slightly elevated blood pressure. i'm about to start taking something called a "water pill." gonna have to ask my grandmother about that one. wow.

i got a brochure in the mail from California Institute of the Arts. their poetry mfa looks pretty interesting. i'm still seriously considering applying for my second mfa.

and i STILL have no desire to be in a poetry slam. *bangs gavel on that one*

so, i'm going to send my most recent poetry manuscript, "getting (her) born" in to the Barrow Street Press 2010 Book Contest. the deadline for submission is june 30, 2010.

there's nothing that should stop me from having MY submission in the mail by MONDAY. if i lollygag even a little bit, it just won't get done. soooo, here's the plan:

- look through the MS tonight
- type up the necessary cover pages, etc. tomorrow and email a copy of all that stuff to myself.
- print off the MS and cover pages at work (don't judge me!) on saturday afternoon.
- get me a manila envelope from the wally-greens saturday after work.
- put the MS and such in the padded mailer and address it.
- take it to the post office by my grandmother's house on monday afternoon before work and mail it off.

no one should have to write bulleted lists like that to themselves. whatever. no one should procrastinate the way i do. i know myself too well. anyway, i'm gonna see if i can also submit some of my poems to Barrow Street's journal tonight. wish me luck.

check out the updates on the failbetter list! i'm making progress!

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