30 March 2010

the "fail better" mission, update 03-29-10


i submitted three of my poems for Adirondack Review's 46er Prize for Poetry just a few minutes ago. they've got a neat little system, too. your entry fee is based on how many poems you submit (1 is $5, 2 is $8 and 3 is $10). AND you pay the fee via paypal. talk about convenient!

i also corresponded with a very intelligent novelist on facebook, who told me i should be prepared to perform at the drop of a hat. good advice. i wonder what that MEANS in terms of fiction, though ... do people walk up to fiction writers and say, "hey, spout some prose for my kids!"?

it's probably WAY too 1:30 to ponder this. but there's my update. thanks for the comments, friends. invite your homies to my blog! hell, i dunno why. maybe so i can feel famous?



  1. Did you find a coupon code for that submission? That's still kind of pricy for me, but I'm thinking about submitting my poem "Spring Buds":

    Damn, Mr. Sun! When you plan
    On stopping by my yard to spread
    Your loving arms of amber gold
    Around my daffodils and petunias?

    This winter weather be getting
    On my damn nerves! I just got
    A new bikini and coverall from
    Target and can't wait to wear them.

    The buds are starting to appear
    On the branches and that mean it
    Time for me to strut my stuff
    Around the old swimmin' hold.

    Skiddle dee doo dee wop
    Shoo bop Dee diddly doo
    Poo shee doo shee poo
    Boom Bap Beeda Bubble Tea.

  2. lol @ coupon code! no such luck, rondell. and considering some of the reading fees i've seen (and paid) for other competitions ... i'm not really trippin'! well hey, just pay the five bucks to submit your one poem. as for me, i need all the shots i can get!