24 March 2010

the list of online publications.

Action, Yes not accepting submissions @ this time
The Adirondack Review submitted 3 poems to the 46er prize on 03-29-10
Alsop Review website seems to be out of commission 04-08-10
Archipelago no longer accepting submissions 04-08-10
The Barcelona Review fiction only! 04-08-10
Barrow Street not accepting submissions for the JOURNAL, but i'm submitting to the Barrow Street Poetry Book Contest. my submission will go into the mail 04-12-10!
Beltway Poetry only published literary works from people in the DC metro area. but i followed a link on their site to Innisfree Poetry Journal, which IS accepting electronic submissions at this time. i'm sending off to them tonight! 04-11-10
Blackbird submitted 04-13-10
Blithe House Quarterly only publishes LGBT short fiction, and they're not accepting submissions anyway
Blue Moon Review no longer publishing! *frownie face* 04-13-10
Born Magazine not accepting written work at this time 04-13-10
Café Ireal only accepts fiction, but it's like WEIRD fiction and can be very short. gonna have to come back to this. 04-13-10
Carve Magazine another fiction-only journal. eh. i subscribed to it. 04-13-10
Coconut Poetry submitted 03-24-10
Cortland Review submitted 04-18-10
Danforth Review ERROR MESSAGE! 04-13-10
decomP submitted (yawningly) 04-14-10
Dead Mule exclusively for THE SOUTH, but in an interesting way. i might be able to submit there. i'll check on it. i'm sleepyashe ll.com 04-14-10
Drunken Boat not accepting poetry submissions @ this time
Ducts submitted 05-05-10 (happy cinco de mayo!)
Exquisite Corpse despite its exceedingly cool title, this site is defunct, 04-20-10
Eyeshot fiction only, but they write some awesome rejection latters! 04-20-10
Foliate Oak not accepting submissions until august. i'll be back!
Fringe i THINK i can submit to them. not quite sure. i'll dig around and get that done tonight. 05-09-10
Go Ezines is actually a directory. gonna dig around in there! 05-09-10
God Particle this link sent me to some sort of bible study website. i'm gonna write and ask them if they publish poetry. heh. 05-09-10
Hobart doesn't accept poetry, but they except real or imaginary SPOTLIGHT features. i kinda wanna do one about my roomie. 05-09-10
IdentityTheory only accepting poems about money. that's so weird. since when do poets have MONEY? ok, i'm off to go write something ... 05-09-10
Iowa Review Online not accepting until september. 05-22-10
Jacket Magazine will start reading in june! be back in a couple weeks ... 05-21-10
Le Petite Zine submitted hella early am 05-23-10. nine more to go. fuck.
Literal Latte meh. no electronic submissions. gotta print some stuff off. 05-23-10
Madhatters' Review reading period is over - my bad. five more. 05-23-10
McSweeney's them no likey poetry. 05-22-10
Memorious submitted, bitches! six more. 05-23-10
MiPOesias submitted to OCHO, via MiPOesias, 05-23-10
Monkeybicycle not accepting any submissions for the print journal, but i may try my hand at a one-sentence story!
Muse Apprentice Guild nothing to see here. 05-21-10
Octopus Guild reads during the month of august only. couple more months to go! 05-21-10
Paumanok Review etext archives? huh??? 05-21-10
Pif Magazine tooling around with this stupid HeyPublisher crap. it won't accept my attachments. blah. 05-21-10
Pindeldyboz no longer accepting poetry submissions. waaaah! 05-21-10
Pittsburgh Quarterly Review doesn't look like these guys have updated since 2007. no submission guidelines available. 05-21-10
Richmond Review not accepting submissions. 05-21-10
Segue missed their deadline. blah. 05-21-10
Slope not accepting submissions just yet ... 05-21-10
Small Spiral Notebook i am forbidden. 05-21-10
Snow Monkey submitted, gotdammit. 05-23-10
SoMa Literary Review if they DO have submission guidelines, i couldn't find them. 05-21-10
Storyglossia not found. 05-21-10
storySouth submitted! 05-23-10
Summerset Review poetry is WHORES! submitted 05-23-10
Tarpaulin Sky not accepting poetry/fiction submissions till the fall
2River told me no 03-27-10
3AM Magazine not accepting poetry submissions. 05-09-10
3rd Bed published in a language that is decidedly NOT english, except for the word "RESPECT."
Unpleasant Event Schedule the full deal of someone named daniel nester. he doesn't seem to want my poems. hmph. 05-09-10
Web del Sol told me no 12-2009
Word Riot published two of my poems 11-2009
Words Without Borders can't figure out where to find the submission guidelines!

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  1. the problem is that i've already submitted to some of these ... i guess i'll sort of repost the list or go back and EDIT this post, striking through the ones to which i've sent my work ... as i go along. and i'll tell a little bit about the submissions, if anything interesting happens. oh yeah, just submitted to 2River View! goodnight.