27 March 2010

the "fail better" mission, update 03-27-10

i sent my stuff to the good people of 2River Press a couple days ago. today, while i was teaching my saturday afternoon "strategies" class, i looked on my phone and noticed i'd gotten an email from Richard Long, whom i am guess is 2River's poetry editor. he said he enjoyed reading my poems, but couldn't use them for the summer 2010 issue of the mag.

what's weird is that i was almost excited about the rejection. it felt like ... progress. i've been rejected by a few presses and magazines before, and i know that NOT ALL of them include something about "enjoying" your work in their rejection message. so that was nice. besides, 2River is quarterly, so i'll be able to send them more stuff in a couple months. and i WILL. just you watch out, Richard Long!

ok, i need coffee. i'll need to send my stuff to at least ONE place before i can sleep tonight ...

holla back!



  1. I'm crossing my fingers and holding my thumbs for you

  2. It's definitely not always about the quality of the poems. Many times it's about what 'fits' the journal, or maybe even that particular issue. I stopped caring about if they say yes or no, but keep submitting.