16 March 2010

a nod to harryette mullen and cheryl pallant (inspired by terrence hayes)

special y’ooze

(for cheryl pallant)

you’re too much waist in time.

you’ve been rending a room in the wrong house

this whole time and

your bill was late. you’re bent on audit.

you’re auditory, gotten notice after

the fact of certain.

you are seven of the thinnest dimes I’ve ever seen

and even at one stroke.

you are a Mabe of all seasons, a dog of one.

you’re all bonkity-bonk and diddity-doo the kind that don’t

bite back.

you’re that bigger-than-the-both-of-us brand of file

in the cake

and featherweight.

you back against the wall and forever back

after these messages

you will not sway me with your swamp thing smile

and sorcery-less sword,

your whispers swindle.

you’re the wrong swine for this truffle

and it’s been too long.

too much trouble.

you dine on the wills of men

I will not abide, and you will not attend.

you will not attend the Death Star Disco.

1 comment:

  1. "you back against the wall and forever back

    after these messages"

    i <3 that line. its so..procrastinational! LOL

    its like i can hear you screaming..

    "getcha ass up, do somethin, and get er done already!"