05 May 2010

get some.


so, i'm back from the vacay. i had an excellent time, but now it's back to the grind ... before i left i could feel myself starting to get a little discouraged. i collected some more rejection letters (all gracious and interesting, really). but something great also happened ...

the shipment of my chapbook, "prayers of calcitrant" finally came! yaaaay! i'm excited to get these into some people's hands. i really believe in this project a lot. hope people dig it! want one? email me.

so i'm back on that failbetter list tonight! the goal is to click on five links, and submit to any that will allow it, of course.

i'm gonna have to get myself into some swimming pools this summer. the kid too. how am i gonna eek out a trip to atlanta? that's gotta be a way ...

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